What we do

Our services include ground improvement, piling, deep excavation and marine construction works . For the ground improvement works, with patent technology HVDM and other traditional techniques, we are able to treat soil and sand at different conditions.

Our Services

Vacuum Preloading

Vacuum Preloading is also called vacuum consolidation, which can be used in various soil conditions, particularity effective in impermeable soil like clay. This technique generally consists of drainage system, isolation system and vacuum pumps. The working principle is to create a pressure difference to squeeze water out by reducing atmosphere and pore water pressure, which will result in strength increase.

Related Projects

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 5 covers an area of around 25 hectares, and the depth of some part of the foundation is about 60 m. After replacing the previous technology of Cement Mixing Piling with Vacuum Consolidation Method.

Project Profile                                                                                                      Construction Duration

Name: Vacuum preloading & PVD Installation works in Terminal 5                    From: 2015.01

Location: Changi International Airport, Singapore                                              To: 2018.06

Method: Vacuum Preloading/Consolidation 


Project Profile                                                                      Construction Duration

Name: Palembang-Kayu Agung Toll Road                          From: 2016.09

Location: Sumatera, Indonesia                                            To: 2018.12

Method: Vacuum Combined with Surcharge Preloading

Palembang-Kayu Agung Toll Road is part of Trans Sumatera Project. This project is located at swampy area at south of Palembang City, with total length 13 km. Vacuum Surcharge Preloading + Vacuum Consolidation method were chosen to overcome the challenge to build toll road in swampy area in a most efficient way.


Project Profile                                                              Construction Duration

Name: North-South Expressway                                 From: 2011.12

Location: Dong Nai Province, Vietnam                        To: 2013.05

Method: Vacuum Preloading/Consolidation 


Project Profile                                                             Construction Duration

Name: Jawa 7 Power Plant                                        From: 2016.05

Location: Jawa, Indonesia                                          To: 2017.07

Method: Vacuum Preloading/Consolidation 

Jawa 7 Power Plant is one of the largest coal fired power plant with 2*1000 MW capacity in Indonesia. The project is located at low land area with a lot of fish pool and swampy area. Vacuum Consolidation method is used to improve the soft clay to help the overall construction period to fulfill the very tight period requirement.


Project Profile                                                                       Construction Duration

Name: Long Phu 1 Thermal Power Plant                              From: 2011.05

Location: Soc Trang Province, Vietnam                                To: 2013.01

Method: Vacuum Preloading/Consolidation


Project Profile                                                             Construction Duration

Name: Banten III Power Plant                                     From: 2008.01

Location: Banten Province, Indonesia                         To: 2010.12

Method: Vacuum Preloading/Consolidation