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Our services include ground improvement, piling, deep excavation and marine construction works . For the ground improvement works, with patent technology HVDM and other traditional techniques, we are able to treat soil and sand at different conditions.

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The Vibro-Replacement method (VR) is similar to the VC (vibro-compaction) method since they use the same rig or equipment. The difference is that VR method reinforces the subsoil by Stone Column inserted instead of in suit or added sand through a depth vibrator or probe. Stone Columns can improve shear strength of soil, especially effective in increasing slope stability and preventing liquefaction.

Related Projects

Project Profile                                                                                                    Construction Duration

Name: Bawabat Al Sharq Phase 3 - Villas Soil Improvement Work                  From: 2014.02

Location: Dubai                                                                                                  To:   2014.05

Method: Dynamic Compaction & Stone Colum (Vibro Replacement)


The Tarahan coal terminal expanded the port’s facilities to accommodate ships at a maximum capacity of 210,000 dead-weight tonnage (DWT), from the previous 80,000 DWT. The maximum capacity of the terminal is scheduled to be enlarged to 240,000 DWT.

Project Profile                                                                        Construction Duration

Name: Tarahan Coal Terminal Phase 5                                 From: 2012.02

Location:  Tarahan, Lampung                                                 To:   2012.05

Method:  Vibroflotation and Stone Column